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Our Purpose

When Skullen was first created back in 2013, we could not imagine what an important & vital part of so many women’s lives it would become.

Ours included.

To those that say we just paint pretty pictures on people’s nails we say – you simply don’t get it.

Skullen is about so much more than just nails.

Before anything else we’re a safe space for women. We believe we play an essential role in helping women reclaim their right to safety and security & to live their lives as they see fit.

We empower & are empowered by our clients regardless of age or gender.

We are feminists in the most modern sense.

We support young women, working women & young mothers & we have been proud to bring together such an incredibly diverse client base from across the north east.

Our whole identity has & continues to be shaped by the inspirational women we work with day to day.

Skullen is sustained by a team of creative, bold, independent women. We work together to support eachother & this collaborative approach shines through in our designs & the vibes in our informal, unassuming studio.

It is our mission to welcome people into this unique, positive environment & to support & empower women of all backgrounds.

Nicole & Fam 2019


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