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Newcastles first tooth jewellery studio operating inside Skullen Communes beautiful Heaton home. We are fully licensed, insured & ready to pimp your premolars & add some canine bling to your grin.

Talk to us about customising your smile with anything from simple crystals to a full on mixture of gold, white gold & crystals styled to suit you.


Tooth Gem Single

Brighten up your smile with a single Crystal of any colour or size
30 minutes – 1 hour, £25.00

Tooth Gem 2 Crystals +

Go big with 2 or more Crystals of any colour or size, we offer discounts for multiples
30 minutes – 1 hour, £40.00

Tooth Gem Gold Piece

Bling up your mouth with a solid gold or white gold bespoke piece of jewellery. Please get in touch to specify your choice of gold.
1 hour, £70.00

Bespoke Tooth Gem – Gold & Crystal Styling

A stunning mixture of gold, white gold & crystals styled to your smile
30 minutes, £155.00



Here’s a few questions we get asked on the regular. If you don’t see an answer to your query please just drop us a line & we’ll get straight back to you.

How does the application work?

Pretty much the same process a dentist uses to apply braces is how we do it. The tooth is cleaned & protected before a small amount of adhesive is used to bond the piece of your choice.

Will it hurt?

Absolutely not! We won’t be drilling or extracting anything so you can relax.

Do you use super glue?

We wouldn’t dare. The adhesive we use is dental grade, just the same as your dentist would use when applying track braces. Our studio is a Gorilla Glue free zone.

How long will my gem last?

As long as you care for your gem & brush frequently it could last anything from a few months to a few years. The adhesive is the proper stuff so it is designed to last.

Is it reversible?

Of course. Your local dentist or hygienist can remove it perfectly safely.

I have veneers / wear a retainer, can I still get one?

Our adhesive won’t work on veneers or false teeth but we can apply to nearby natural teeth. If you wear a retainer, bring it to your consultation & we can fit your gem around it.

What type of gems do you use?

We’re careful only to source top quality product for your teeth which is why we only apply the best products on the market including genuine lead free Swarovski crstaly, 22k gold, white gold & .1ct diamonds.

Might I swallow my tooth gem?

You very well might! All our gems will pass through your system perfectly safely & any left over adhesive can be safely removed by your dentist or hygienist.

I can’t decide what I would like?

We’ll work with you to chose a gem that you will love for many months to come. Feel free to ask for a no obligation consultation before taking the plunge.

Are you a qualified dentist?

No we are only qualified & insured to apply tooth gems & can’t undertake any kind of dental work.


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