Skin-Up // Nail Art Pens // Set of 12 Nude Tones


Skin-Up // Nail Art Pens // Set of 12 Nude Tones


Your nail art appointments are about to get a whole lot faster.

With “Skin-Up”, our smudge free formula acrylic nail art pens, you can draw beautiful, detailed works of art in a fraction of the time it would take to hand paint.

Dry in seconds, simply seal them in with top coat & you’re done.

With an ultra fine 0.7mm tip these are perfect for fine line work & detailing & you can confidently mix colours without fear of smudging or blotches.

Water-based, non-toxic & quick-drying.

You don’t need us to fill you in on the possibilities of these right?

Each pack contains 12 nude tones.

Shake well before use

Prime the pen by pressing & holding on paper until ink flows from the tipĀ 

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