Silky // White Glitter Gel


Silky // White Glitter Gel


Named after our favourite fairy in literature, silky is just that, fairy dust. She has a subtle whitish blue background colour that makes her beautiful on her own or makes every colour she touches sparkle.

(Bonus points for knowing the book)

Ships in 15ml Skullen bottles

A bit more about our collection…👇🏼

We’ve been in the nail game for over 10 years and we like to think that makes us something close to experts on what a nail tech really needs from their gels.

That’s why we have developed our new collection of Gels, Top Coat, Base Coat, and Builder.

Working alongside our dedicated manufacturer we have crafted a range that we think kicks ass and in a range of colours that you will have never seen before. We know what nail techs need and we’re confident you’ll agree.

What you can expect from Skullen:

The glossiest one coat top coat that keeps its shine even when wiped.

 A matte top coat with no heat spike to protect your clients fingers when curing.

Hugely pigmented colours with complete coverage in only two coats.

Perfect length brushes with pin sharp, angled edges to give you access to the side walls and cuticle.

Smooth application with no visible brush strokes.

Rubber based base coat suitable for extensions or gels, it flexes with the tip to reduce lifting.

Beautiful, space-saving, square bottles which will compliment any studio workspace.

Intense colours, the like of which we’ve never seen in our studio before.

A collection of pre-buffed flexible extension tips which can be applied in under ten minutes.

Always HEMA free / HPMA free / IBOA free.

Vegan and cruelty free.

Everything we offer has been tested to destruction in our busy Newcastle studio. We wouldn’t put anything out there we didn’t fully believe in and we can’t wait to share our new collection with you and see what you can achieve with it.


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