Perfect Prep WorkShop // 22.04.23


Perfect Prep WorkShop // 22.04.23


Scared of nipping your client? At home gels just don’t seem to last? Want more confidence working on your own nails?

Look no further – Skullen to the rescue

What will we cover?

Nail anatomy and nail health
What is a cuticle and how do I remove them correctly
How to file and file grits
How to apply the perfect layer of builder
The best tools to use and the ones to avoid

How much?

Only £30 for three hours tuition (11am-2pm)

Who is it for?

Everyone! From folk who do their own nails at home to the most experienced techs.

Free gifts?

Skullen Collective Pink Builder Gel
Plus a Skullen Anoint Cuticle Oil.

When is it?

Saturday 22nd April


Enrolment at this price is only open until the 31st March 2023.

How do I book?

Find your preferred date in our online shop at you can even use Klarna to spread the payments.

Why use Skullen?

Training nail artists is what we do. We’ve delivered a huge number of workshops and work with Newcastle and Middlesbrough College to develop the skills of the next generation of nail artists.

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